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steve spratlin

a leader of leaders

Steve has been in key leadership roles since he was 15 years old. During the early years his leadership style was shaped by overcoming bullying, poor self-esteem, relational and financial hardships. Steve uses his experience in overcoming these life challenges to transparently encourage the hundreds of leaders he has coached internationally and across the United States.


Steve has been the president of many organizations as well as serving in the second and third chairs. He has been the founder of over a half dozen entities. This experience has given him insights into small to mid-size entities, from sole proprietors to multi staff teams, and all aspects of business development from hiring to acquisitions and expansions.


Steve has an expertise in Christian ministry with over 35,000 hours of spiritual training and development. He coaches full-time and bi-vocational pastors, church planters, missionaries, seminarians, and ministry leaders. Some of his coaching methods include identifying a person’s calling in their life, their unique mix of gifting and strengths, and how to maximize their use. He trains leaders how to lead themselves and others with quantitative and qualitative goals and sensible accountability. Steve customizes the coaching and training process creating a uniquely individualized approach.


Trained leaders in academia in:

  • Primary, secondary and collegiate levels

  • Public, private and homeschool arenas

  • Fraternal, civic, business, and philanthropic entities

  • 35,000+ hours of spiritual training

  • Public speaker in over 3000 events

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