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coaching program

Master 7 Key Leadership Competencies

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mastering leadership

     The Mastering Leadership Coaching Program is based on global research with leaders in seven different countries including the U.S., diving into the areas of leadership that are the biggest challenges to them. This fully customizable 12-month program will take your leadership to a new level as you master the skills that lead to engaging your team more effectively, leading innovation and change, developing your culture, taking control of your time and decisions, learning to communicate effectively with your teams and stakeholders, and developing the next generation leaders.


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Learn new skills or refine your skill set in time management, prioritization, strategic thinking and planning, decision-making, and getting up to speed with the job, initiative, or project. Leaders who are masters of effectiveness, get more done in less time, have clarity in their direction, and have control of their time and schedule. 


Masters of change leadership are always learning new skills in managing, mobilizing, understanding, and leading change. Add to your skills in areas of mitigating the consequences of change through a carefully planned process that builds into the team, helps to overcome resistance, and replaces negative reactions to change. Learn to lead through change that is effective and life-giving to your organization.


Master the art of engaging individual employees to connect and work as a team. Learn new skills in developing each person with individual plans that engage and challenge them to higher levels of effectiveness. Discover what moves a person from disengagement to full engagement, how to identify up and coming leaders, and what it takes to devleop your leaders at all levels of the organization.


Learn critical skills and refine your ability to communicate effectively with any personality type. Understand what is really being communicated and respond accordingly to build relationships and  positively influence other leaders, team members, and those in positions of authority above you. Master communication to motivate change, inspire, and get the best from your team in accomplishing your vision.


Become a master of knowing who you are, how you are wired, what you are naturally gifted and best at, your core values, your vision, and unique role. Learn to effectively manage your emotions and read other’s emotions to master communication and influence.

Culture and Innovation

Building a culture of innovation takes time and intentionality. It starts with understanding your leadership style, the way you do things, and how that impacts your teams and the organization as a whole. Learn the best practices of how to cultivate a leadership culture that consistently inspires the best ideas, strategies, and innovation.

Next Gen

Learn what ensures the organization’s continued success - the next generation of leaders. Discover how to find them, recognize traits of leadership in your current team, how to engage them, and how to develop individual development plans and strategies.

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Wouldn’t it be great to wake up inspired and energized to get to go to work today? Wouldn’t it be an incredible experience to feel satisfied and energized at the end of the day when you get home from work? To feel more strength and drive? It comes from knowing your purpose. Great leaders know their life’s purpose. They know their why. Do you know yours?

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High performing, innovative teams are rare. Leading in today’s environment requires a mix of hard and soft skills, resources and relationship, intentionality and time. You can have a team that has focus, productivity, innovation, and connectedness. Learn how to build, develop, and engage your team to their full potential.

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discover your purpose

     Your purpose, or why, directs what you want to accomplish in life, professionally and personally. It also brings the most energy and satisfaction to your life.

     In this intense, three month coaching program, you will define, refine, and gain clarity on your purpose. This purpose will serve as a foundation for all that you do professionally and personally, and will amplify your leadership and focus your influence. During the journey of defining your purpose, you will also define your life vision/mission as well as your core values, key components of understanding your purpose. Successful leaders know their core values, have crystal clarity on their vision and purpose as it guides their daily decisions and direction.

     Click on the free consultation button below to schedule a time to talk and see how discovering your purpose can bring new life, energy, and focus to your professional and personal life.

building a great team

      Teams that trust each other bring forward the best ideas. Teams that know how to have healthy conflict and how to resolve unhealthy conflict become innovators. High functioning teams are a breeding ground for new leaders.


     Lead your team to the next level with this six month engagement that will give you and your team insights into bringing purpose, impact, and success to the work you do. You and your team will learn your primary and secondary roles, how to maximize your time, best practices in communication styles, how to have healthy conflict to bring out the best ideas, how to properly brainstorm, and how to develop new leaders.

     Click on the free consultation button below to schedule a time to talk and see how we can help you develop and engage the team of your dreams.

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Grab your favorite cup of coffee and let's talk about how IDL can help you increase your effectiveness as a leader and maximize your influence on your team and organization!

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