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Maybe It's Time to Unfollow

Jeff Orr, MBA, MSL, TEDx Speaker, Author, Millennial Leadership Expert


Who are you following?

I had an interesting conversation with my daughter that came out of a controversial movement in my state known as “Red for Ed.” The discussion came about after digging a little deeper into the background of the movement’s leaders. Should that matter? Should we be concerned about the reputation of the leaders we follow?

In the political realm there will always be things we agree with and disagree when it comes to the positions of the leader. We have to decide whether we agree more and can be comfortable attaching our support for that candidate.

In the corporate realm, we decide if the company’s values and leaders are worth attaching our name and reputation to. If not, we simply find another place to find work. As a business owner, I am careful with whom I choose as vendors and referral partners.

In our quest for social media likes and exposure, we follow and like posts as a matter of course without giving too much thought into who we are actually following. What is their reputation? How does their reputation impact ours?

Maybe we should do a little more due diligence before we throw our hat in with a movement or company or social group. Our reputation goes with us wherever we go. It is valuable. It will open doors or shut them.

Maybe it’s time to unfollow…


Jeff Orr, a TEDx speaker, is an expert in leadership and he coaches executives, business owners, and individuals with the tools and skills to lead more effectively, build high-performing teams, and experience true success in their careers and personal lives. As a dynamic and energizing keynote speaker and corporate trainer to Fortune 500 companies, Jeff has helped thousands grow in their leadership to impact their organizations and communities. Jeff engages his audience through humor, real world stories, and a genuine care for the people he speaks to, helping them to build lasting success internally and externally. He is also author of the highly acclaimed book, Succeed In The New Normal. Through his coaching company, InDemand Leadership, Jeff empowers his clients to experience internal growth, which then translates into sustainable external success.

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